Walmart Canada Teamed Up With Instacart For Same-Day Groceries Delivery In Toronto And Winnipeg

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Walmart Canada partnered with Instacart to offer its clients same-day groceries delivery. At the moment, the project is only a pilot one and is only available in Toronto and Winnipeg for Walmart shoppers that use Instacart.

This new deal is a part of the agreement between the two companies that allows Instacart users to buy groceries, among others, from 17 different Walmart locations across the two before-mentioned cities in Canada.

On the other hand, this is the first time when Winnipeg residents can order their groceries online, while for Toronto Walmart shoppers it is the first time when they are offered same-day grocery delivery.

This new deal between Walmart Canada and Instacart is also a premiere for Instacart which across the US has only partnered with Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart US, and other groceries vendors including DoorDash and Postmates.

However, similarly to the new deal in Canada, Instacart also offers same-day groceries delivery across the US thanks to their agreement with Sam’s Club.

Walmart Canada and Instacart offer same-day groceries delivery in Toronto and Winnipeg

Instacart is relatively new in Canada where it launched in September 2017, but it aims for a fast and robust expansion across the country. As part of their plans, there is the new deal with Walmart Canada.

The company, which this year alone raised $350 million at a $4.3 billion valuation, is widespread across US and Canada, more recently, where it is available in 15,000 different stores in more than 4,000 cities.

Additionally, according to Instacart’s report released in late-August, the company revealed it availability in over 70 percent of the US households.

In other news, Instacart employed Mark Schaaf as its new CTO, who came from Thumbtack where he occupied the same position in the company.

Now, supposedly with no connection with the arrival of Mark Schaaf, however, Walmart Canada agreed with Instacart to offer its clients in Toronto and Winnipeg same-day groceries delivery.

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