A Rare Footage has Surfaced, Showing a Cute Deep-Sea Eel and Scientists are Flipping Out

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In Hawaii, you can find the largest national protected area, called Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. Stretching over half-a-million square miles of sea and land in Hawaii, it includes all sorts of plants and animals which are one of a kind. A research team aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus observed this Thursday that the known animal life now includes some really wonderful odd and stretchy critters.

Operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust nonprofit, the Nautilus has been streaming its excursions online since 2012. Maybe you remember that back in 2016, the Nautilus team showed us a deep-sea jelly which was represented by a mysterious purple orb. Just recently, the team has encountered yet again a bizarre creature under water. At approximately 4,600 feet below the Pacific surface there is an inflatable animal living just fine.

The video is really something to look at, as it shows the research crew’s reaction as they narrate the moment of discovery.

“Looks like a Muppet.”

“What are you?”


“Oh. Oh, it’s a fish!”

“That’s a fish – what?”

This is what you will hear, a veritable Greek chorus which accompanies the discovery of the strange animal. The fish is able of contorting and ripping like a punctured balloon. Delight and puzzlement are completely surrounding the scientists. They didn’t know if it was engorged or if it was just its regular shape. As it opened its mouth, huge jaws were revealed and the fish was pegged for what it is, a gulper eel.

Scientifically, it is called Eurypharynx pelecanoides. As you can see, its name resembles the one of the pelican, and for a good reason. It is able of scooping up large prey in its jaws and it can also stretch its mouth out to hunt fish or squid.

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