Building a Moon Base Would Be Easier With Australian Industry, Says CSIRO

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NASA plans to build a lunar gateway, but they might also be able to have a lunar base, explains CSIRO.

The national science agency from Australia shows why NASA’s plan to build a moon base on the Moon could use the Australian industry. CSIRO has published and released a new space industry roadmap at the Australian Space Research Conference on the Gold Coast, also including the lunar challenge.

The Australian Space Agency (ASA) was already planning to develop a viable domestic space industry by 2030.

Dr. David Williams, the executive director of CSIRO, said that having a lunar base is not a just a dream:

“If you look at the US position, the President has declared that a lunar base is a prerequisite for going to Mars, and he has changed the focus of NASA to try and do a lunar base.”

ASA head Dr. Megan Clark explained that the initial plans were to build a lunar space station:

“The space agency is already in discussion with the US, and NASA, on NASA’s plan for a lunar gateway. NASA has plans to have a gateway that will orbit the Moon, as well as thinking about the potential of lunar bases.”

Clark added that by being involved in joint missions with other space agencies, they could test their technology in space.

Moreover, Dr. Williams knows that the US is looking for international partners, and Australia has a lot to offer:

“We’re the home of titanium printing, 3D printing, we’ve got good remote mining capabilities in hostile conditions.”

Dr. Clark mentioned that Australia’s experience with drought or a hostile environment, while they worked in Antarctica, will be useful in dealing with the harsh conditions that would be on the moon.

“How do you operate, how could you live there — all of the aspects of living and operating in those really harsh environments … actually, Australia has a lot to contribute,” concluded the ASA head.

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