Climate Change Is Affecting Our Planet For More Than A Century

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Although there are still people who are determined to deny it, climate change is a critical global problem, and it affects the planet for more than a century. In recent years, many researchers have made the seriousness of the issue known through statistical data, computer simulation models and all sorts of scientific strategies.

Antti Lipponen, a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, has been producing animated charts for about a year that clearly show the evolution of temperatures around the world as time goes by. The last of his works was published on his Twitter account and went viral.

“I saw some good infographics and visualizations of climate and atmosphere data on Twitter and decided to learn how to make similar animations,” he explained. “It was easy to access the temperature data obtained by NASA. Also, the figures give a good idea about global warming, so I decided to use them,” added Lipponen.

Climate change is a severe global problem affecting our world for more than a century

Countries are represented by circles, which change in size and color over time. These changes are due to the difference between the temperature in that year and the average established between 1951 and 1980. Additionally, “+1” means one degree Celsius above the average temperature in that period and “-2,” for example means a temperature of two degrees lower than the average.

As for the different colors, as temperatures increase the circles gradually turn red, while the blue circles represent lower temperatures than the average. At the end of the animation, it can be seen that the two countries most affected by the rise in temperatures are Russia and Mongolia, although the vast majority of other nations are also affected by climate change.

Lipponen’s objective was to make the public aware of the magnitude of the climate change problem, but also to help people visualize the global warming effects on temperatures in a simple way.

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