Low-Carb Diets may Hurt you in the long run

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Low-carb diets have become a popular trend as they allow you to rapidly slim down. Recent studies have revealed that while the effect may be positive at the start, the diet may have negative consequences if it is maintained for several years. Researchers advise the consumption of plant-based whole foods as a healthy alternative, and carbohydrates, like all things, should also be consumed moderately.

One recently published study has tracked the eating habits of more than 15,000 Americans over a period of 25 years. The researchers than took several similar studies and unified the data in order to create a meta-analysis. The results are quite grim, as the study notes that people on a long low-car diet presented an increased death risk while they were in midlife. A high-carb diet also led to increased risks but they were significantly lower.

The people that present the lowest risk rates where those with a balanced diet that included the carbohydrate golden limit of 50% to 55% percent.

A similar study has also highlighted that people with the lowest carb intake had increased risks of suffering from serious disease like heart problems, cancer and brain diseases.

People that use these diets believe that getting slimmer is a proof that the diet is safe and it works, but while some studies may agree that you may lose weight faster, other found no substantial difference between low carb and low-fat diets.

This is why a balanced diet is the best away to go, according to many nutritionists. Most vegetables and fruits are a key for a healthy life, and they should be consumed often. Select meats and fish are also great, since they are low on saturated fats. Fast food and sugar-rich food should also be avoided if possible.

While a diet matters, physical exercises are also important in order to maintain a healthy weight and body.

Low-carb diets cannot be dismissed, but you should adopt them as a lifestyle.

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