Some NASA Astronauts Think Extraterrestrial Are Real And Already Came In Contact With Us

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If you had suspicions, or hopes, of the existence of life beyond our planet, there are three NASA astronauts who have no doubts and even think that extraterrestrials are real and watching us.

One of the lucky ones who traveled to the Moon on Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, saw an unidentified object through the window of the spaceship. At that time, many media and conspiracy theorists rushed to claim that the aliens were among us.

However, Aldrin clarified the speculations a few years ago when he claimed that everything that had been said about it was false. He added that he does not believe that the aliens came into contact with us.

But, while there many of NASA astronauts are skeptical about extraterrestrial life, on the other hand, there are others who claim that extraterrestrials are real.

These three NASA astronauts believe that extraterrestrials are real

Edgar Mitchell, after nearly 20 years at NASA, said he is 90% sure that the majority of the UFOs recorded since the 1940s belong indeed to “visitors from other planets.” He said UFOs are real and that he talked to world leaders who have come into contact with extraterrestrials, but that information is classified. Similarly, he said governments around the world have been hiding it from the public for more than 60 years.

Deke Slayton, the former director of flight operations at NASA, believes he saw an alien spacecraft in 1951. According to him, what he saw was a flying saucer at a 45-degree angle. Soon after, it took off and disappeared. Slayton is also sure that extraterrestrials are real and visiting us frequently.

Brian O’Leary was part of the team of astronauts who looked for a way to set foot on Mars, although the project was eventually canceled. When he retired, he assured that there are extraterrestrials living on Earth and we should thank them for the huge technological advances.

However, all these statements and comments of these former NASA astronauts are not supported by objective and proven arguments. But, who knows, maybe they are indeed speaking the truth.

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