Russia Deliberated That ISS Hole Was Man-Made

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An ISS hole popped up in the Soyuz rocket module attached to the International Space Station, earlier this year. After the event concluded without leaving any damage to the ISS or its crew, the Russians said they think the leak was part of sabotage. Now, Russia deliberated that ISS hole was man-made.

“It concluded that a manufacturing defect had been ruled out which is important to establish the truth,” said Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos. “Where it was made will be established by a second commission, which is at work now,” the official added.

The hole found in the hull of the Russian-made Soyuz space capsule attached to the International Space Station was discovered in August and was quickly sealed up by the ISS astronauts who intervened fast.

Also, the Russians ruled out the possibility that the ISS hole was drilled by one of the NASA astronauts in order to force officials to fly his sick colleague back to Earth.

Russia Deliberated That ISS Hole Was Man-Made, While Rogozin Also Raised the US-Military X-37 Case

According to Dmitry Rogozin, who was placed under US sanctions over the Ukraine crisis in 2014, said he experienced difficulties in collaborating with NASA and other US agencies to solve out the issue of the ISS hole.

“Problems with NASA have certainly appeared but not through the fault of NASA,” he said, accusing the US space agency of obeying the orders it received from other US agencies.

According to Rogozin, Elon Musk with his SpaceX is working to cut out Russia from the space-traveling missions to the International Space Station, among others. He also raised the issue of the US-military X-37 aircraft.

“Americans have this thing, the X-37. We don’t understand its purposes. Rather, we do understand, but we have not received an official explanation. Essentially, this thing can be used as a weapons carrier,” said Dmitry Rogozin.

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