Breathtaking Meteor Shower Will Light Up Canadian Skies This Weekend

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On the upcoming Sunday, the breathtaking meteor shower will light up Canadian skies. While such an event is common, happening several times a year, everybody should witness such an astonishing phenomenon at least once in a lifetime. As mentioned, every stargazer out there we’ll have the chance to observe the Draconid meteor shower this weekend.

The so-called Draconid meteor shower will reach its peak this weekend, on Sunday night, between October 7th and October 8th, and will be visible from temperate and far-northern latitudes, which means Canada, the United States, Europe, and northern Asia. The shooting stars would come from the direction of the northern constellation Draco or the Dragon which also gives the event’s the name of Draconid.

According to the astronomers, the Draconid meteor shower will commence Saturday, on October 6th, but on the night between October 7th and October 8th, it will reach its maximum which will last until October 8th, at night. The phenomenon would be clearly visible this year thanks to the new Moon.

Breathtaking Meteor Shower Will Light Up Canadian Skies This Weekend

From time to time, Draconid meteor shower is a very spectacular shooting stars show, measuring hundreds or thousands of meteors per hour. For example, in October 2011, we could witness a breathtaking meteor shower with more than 600 meteors burning in the atmosphere every hour.

To be sure you’ll have a great experience watching the Draconid meteor shower, you have to watch the Canadian skies on the evening of October 8th when the celestial phenomenon will reach its peak. Also, the best places to watch a meteor shower are just outside the big cities where the light pollution is not lightning the night skies.

However, Draconid meteor shower is best viewed on October 8th at evening, at around 5 PM, when the Draco reaches the highest point in the sky.

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