Size Does Matter, Says Study On Fertility Problems

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At first, it was said that size matters, then that it doesn’t, and now it’s back to it does. Yes, a study on fertility issues just found that men’s penis size is important when it comes to fertility. But the study also was criticized as being too premature to reach this conclusion and that it is “alarmist.”

According to the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Austen Slade (the University of Utah, Salt Lake City), the study followed 815 men who visited a sexual health clinic for three years. The conclusions show that the men with penises that were almost a third of an inch shorter when erect also had fertility problems.

Infertility in Men Linked to Penis Size?

The infertile men had an average penis length of 4.92 inches compared to the fertile men with an average penis length of 5.27 inches. Even though the difference is not that big, Dr. Austen Slade explained that there is a link between fertility and penis size:

“It may not be a striking difference but there was a clear statistical significance. It remains to be determined if there are different penile length cut-offs that would predict more severe infertility.”

Moreover, a 2011 study also found that the anogenital distance (AGD), which is the distance from the anus to the area under the scrotum also is linked to infertility. According to a report in Time, the average AGD is almost 2 inches. Men with a shorter distance are seven times more likely to have fertility issues compared to those with a longer distance. Also, the sperm counts in the ones with a shorter anogenital distance was lower, making them 50% less likely to succeed in impregnating a partner. The 2011 study author Shanna Swan (University of Rochester) concluded that “AGD is associated with semen volume and sperm count.”

The news of the recent study on penis size and infertility wasn’t received without critics. Some said that the conclusions were premature, even the research authors added that they would need more research to definitely link penis size with infertility issues.

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