NASA Plans To Cooperate With Russia For The Upcoming Mission to The Moon, Mars, and Beyond

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NASA hopes to cooperate with Russia to explore the Moon, Mars and other corners of space, as the US space agency Administrator Jim Bridenstine said today in a speech at Moscow State University. The NASA administrator said he looks forward to seeing many more achievements in the framework of partnership and friendship with Russia as they continue to “explore the Moon, Mars and the Universe beyond” the Red Planet.

Returning to the moon and exploring Mars have been two of the goals set by the US President Donald Trump. His plans, according to the NASA’s administrator, include the installation of an orbital platform to be built in 2024, at the cost of 500 million dollars. Another of the agency’s proposals is that the United States wishes to send a manned mission to Mars in the future to continue the research that “Curiosity” has already contributed to astronomical science.

All these projects will require the participation of international partners, and the United States would like the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, to be on board, as said Bridenstine, who tomorrow will meet for the first time with his Russian counterpart, Dimitri Rogozin, at the Russian cosmodrome at Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

The US space agency, NASA, would like to cooperate with Russia for the future manned mission to the Moon, Mars, and beyond

That would be the first working meeting between the two in person, as Bridenstine took office in April 2018 and Rogozin, former deputy prime minister of the Russian government, last May. Rogozin was confident today that both space agencies can close agreements on joint space exploration programs despite tensions between the US and Russia.

“We are confident that NASA and Roscosmos will soon agree on important joint space exploration programs. At least we at Roscosmos will do everything we can to ensure that politics does not influence international space cooperation so that it can continue as usual,” said Rogozin at Moscow State University.

Before the official working meeting set for Wednesday in Kazakhstan, the two met briefly with students, and Rogozin used the occasion to entertain Bridenstine with a Sturmanskie watch, an exact copy of the one worn by Yuri Gagarin during his space flight, according to the Interfax agency.

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