“Illusory Rabbit” Optical Illusion Tricks Your Brain Into Time Travel

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How human brains translate all the information they receive daily remains a sort of a mystery for science. However, the scientists now managed to create two illusions, one optical and one auditory, that shed more light on how our brains work. And the fascinating part is that the “Illusory Rabbit” optical illusion tricks your brain into time travel.

In reality, that illusion makes your brain “travel” back in time to fill in the gaps it considers it has missed. In scientifical terms, this is known as “postdiction” where a stimulus can influence what our brains think it saw or heard. It’s practically opposed to the prediction which works the other way around.

The optical illusion that tricks your brain into time travel is called “Illusory Rabbit,” while the auditory one is named “Invisible Rabbit.” The researchers from Caltech, the project’s authors, even released the optical illusion for everyone to check out its effects.

“Illusory Rabbit” Optical Illusion Tricks Your Brain Into Time Travel

“How does the brain determine reality with information from multiple senses that is at times noisy and conflicting? The brain uses assumptions about the environment to solve this problem,” said Noelle Stiles from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

“When these assumptions happen to be wrong, illusions can occur as the brain tries to make the best sense of a confusing situation. We can use these illusions to unveil the underlying inferences that the brain makes,” Stiles added.

“The significance of this study is twofold. First, it generalizes postdiction as a key process in perceptual processing for both a single sense and multiple senses. The second significance is that these illusions are among the very rare cases where sound affects vision, not vice versa, indicating dynamic aspects of neural processing that occur across space and time,” explained the study’s senior researcher, Shinsuke Shimojo from Caltech.

Check out how the “Illusory Rabbit” optical illusion tricks your brain into time travel below:

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