Climate Change: Donald Trump Appeared As An “Environmental Defender” After “Hurricane Michael”

On tour in Florida after Hurricane Michael, the American President posed on Monday as an “environmental defender.” The President of the United States Donald Trump appeared yesterday as a reliable environmentalist. However, he stated, in defiance of the scientific consensus, that he could not say whether human activities were at the root of the ongoing climate change issues.

“I want absolutely pure water. I want the purest air possible, which is what we have now. That has improved since last year,” Trump said, without specifying on what data he was basing his claims. “I am a true defender of the environment. Many people smile when they hear this,” he stated, during a visit to Georgia after Hurricane Michael.

“I want to look as clean as I can. But that does not mean that we should force all companies to close down,” he also added. Also, when asked about climate change, which he once described as a “hoax,” the President of the United States replied that “there is something, whether it is man-made or not.”

Donald Trump appeared as an “environmental defender,” against the climate change… Or not?!

“It will come and go,” he added, suggesting that the ongoing climate change, which threatens to cause species extinctions, destabilization of the polar ice caps, and so on, is only a temporary phase. That, in the condition in which, in June 2017, Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement that tries tackling global warming.

Asked a week ago about the latest report of the UN climate experts (IPCC), which calls for “rapid” and “unprecedented” measures to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, Trump said he had not yet read it, while openly questioning the quality of the document.

According to a study of the scientists at the Harvard University, the US government has canceled or about 80 environmental laws and regulations set by Trump’s predecessor at the White House, Barack Obama.

Vadim Ioan Caraiman

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