Google Developed Artificial Intelligence That Detects Breast Cancer More Accurately Than Specialists

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It’s not the first time when specialists used Google’s technological advances in detecting breast cancer using artificial intelligence. Also, Google announced in March last year about the company’s advances in the field of medicine. Now, Google has just informed that its artificial intelligence is already capable of detecting advanced breast cancer with greater precision than human specialists.

According to these latest achievements, Google is moving beyond the Internet and technology and now emerges in the field of medicine with a new cancer detection tool based on artificial intelligence. The preliminary results revealed that it could diagnose advanced breast cancer more accurately than oncologists with years of experience in this area.

Google came up with artificial intelligence for breast cancer detection

Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in women of all ages and, although it is treatable, its early diagnosis is critical in improving the chances of survival.

As the representatives of the giant Internet company revealed, Google’s researchers have managed to develop a deep learning machine, an artificial intelligence, that can detect metastases with greater precision than human experts.

Google’s breast cancer detection artificial intelligence has 99% accuracy in detecting tumors

The potential of the tool is quite high, as it would work even in cases of extremely small, almost undetectable tumors that specialists might overlook in a first visual analysis. In fact, Google claims that its artificial intelligence is 99% accurate under the right conditions.

With that in mind, we cannot deny that this is an impressive advance on the part of the giant Internet company. Also, the news highlights the potential that artificial intelligence could have in the diagnosis of cancer, greatly facilitating the work of professionals in the sector. Google presented earlier all the details about this achievement which might shortly be one of the essential medical equipment pieces.

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