What Does Finger Length Has to Do With Sexuality?

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If you’ve noticed the length of your fingers, then you’re not the only one. According to a study at the University of Essex, England, the length of your index finger and your ring finger can predict it you’re attracted to the opposite sex or to the same sex.

In women, the index and ring fingers are almost the same length, but in men there is a noticeable difference in the length of those two fingers.

The study analyzed eighteen pairs of female identical twins, and each pair had a straight and a lesbian.

Looking at their fingers, the research team observed that the lesbian participants had a difference in the lengths of the index and ring fingers. The straight participants didn’t have a difference in the length of the two fingers. Researchers believe that this fact can be explained to a higher level of testosterone in the womb:

“Because identical twins, who share 100 percent of their genes, can differ in their sexual orientations, factors other than genetics must account for the differences,” explains study author Dr. Tuesday Watts, who is a lecturer at Essex, at the department of psychology.

“Our sexuality is determined in the womb”

According to the study, Watts explains that “our sexuality is determined in the womb and is dependent on the amount of male hormone we are exposed to or the way our individual bodies react to that hormone, with those exposed to higher levels of testosterone being more likely to be bisexual or homosexual.”

With the link between hormone levels and the difference in finger lengths, now we can correctly guess the sexual orientation of a woman just by looking at their hands

In replicating the experiment on 14 pairs of male identical twins with one of them gay and the other straight, there was no such association.

However, in men, past research shows a different connection between the different lengths of the index and ring finger – it’s about the penis size. Again, it is tied to exposure to testosterone in the womb.

This recent study conducted by Watts and Dr. Gerulf Rieger was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, and titled “Finger Length Ratios of Identical Twins with Discordant Sexual Orientations.”

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