NASA Posted New Images of the Weird Square Iceberg, And It’s Quite Strange

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NASA scientists with the Operation IceBridge have released one more photo this week, and it is bizarre. The odd iceberg seen last week was completely square. When the first photo was taken during a flight over Antarctica, the scientists had no idea the public would get so obsessed with the weird image.

Seeing such an amazing response, NASA directed their fans to a Flickr page with more strange icebergs and other tabular slabs the team at the Operation IceBridge has documented so far. Jeremy Harbeck, the senior scientist of the mission, was flying over Antarctica and said:

“I thought it was pretty interesting. I often see icebergs with relatively straight edges, but I’ve not really seen one before with two corners at such right angles like this one had. Indeed, the iceberg definitely captured the interest of the public, and the original photo of the object was shot at an angle that made the iceberg appear almost perfectly square.”

The Square Iceberg Is Not that Square

He also explained that the iceberg was also spotted by NASA’s satellites and revealed that it had a more oblong shape:

“When seen from above, thanks to NASA’s high-powered satellites, the iceberg reveals its true shape, which is more oblong than it initially appears.”

Nonetheless, seeing such interesting shapes is a rare treat for scientists. This particular iceberg has also drawn the attention to the work NASA does in monitoring the changes in the planet’s ice.

Scientists know that the sea ice is in danger of disappearing as an effect of climate change. Part of the oldest ice in the Arctic has begun to melt.

The IceBridge mission started on 10 October, and it will continue until 18 November, so it will definitely capture more interesting iceberg. We all now look forward to seeing some more photographs in the following weeks!

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