JAXA Launched Ibuki-2 Satellite To Analyze Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Ibuki-2 satellite was launched on Monday morning by JAXA and is specially equipped to observe the presence of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on our planet. JAXA launched the new satellite to collect information on the Earth’s atmosphere and CO2 emissions, especially, which is considered the primary driver of global warming.

The Japanese H-2A rocket, built and operated by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) industrial group, took off at 05:08 from Tanegashima base, in Southern Japan. “The launch went according to the plan,” stated JAXA, the Japanese Aerospace Agency, after the satellite was put into orbit.

The space probe, named Ibuki-2 (meaning “breath” in Japanese), is specially equipped to detect the presence of greenhouse gas emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere, their concentration, and their impact on the climate of our planet. It will continue the Ibuki-1 mission which JAXA deployed into orbit in January 2009.

JAXA Launched Ibuki-2 Satellite To Analyze Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ibuki-2 has even more accurate sensors for measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, as well as, it boasts new instruments for quantifying fine particulate matter PM 2.5 which is the primary cause for illnesses triggered by toxic air. Ibuki-2 can probe tens of thousands of areas around the globe, which would deliver more accurate outcomes than what can be achieved from an aircraft or the ground, according to the JAXA.

The Japanese H-2A rocket also carried the KhalifaSat satellite, the first entirely manufactured satellite by the United Arab Emirates, according to the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre. Also, this mission was the 40th of the Japanese H-2A rocket and the 34th consecutive successful launch since February 2005 when the flights resumed after a break of more than a year following a resounding failure of the H-2A #6 in November 2003.

Initially developed and managed by JAXA, the H-2A rocket has mainly carried out operations on behalf of the Japanese State or Japanese public institutions.

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