Hepatitis A is Responsible for the Death of 2 People in Franklin

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Hepatitis A is one of the most contagious diseases. Most commonly associated with the lack of hygiene, contaminated food, unsterile needles during drug use and more, the infection spreads ”with the speed of sound” and people can get it by a simple contact with a sick person.

Kentucky outbreak spreads and reaches Franklin County

Less developed parts of the world are not the only places where hepatitis can strike. Almost one year ago, Kentucky was hit by an outbreak and the disease managed to make 2,275 people sick and kill 14 others.

Authorities associated over 50% of the cases registered during the epidemic with illegal drug use. Unfortunately, another county was recently targeted by the same cruel disease. These days, the Health Department from Franklin declared that two people were dead because of the hepatitis A epidemics.

The disease is curable, but it can become deadly if you contact it while suffering from other medical conditions. So far, the authorities have counted 28 people who are have been infected and are expecting to see more during next days.

Hepatitis A can be prevented

If you experience symptoms like nausea, tiredness, the lack of appetite, yellow skin or eyes you should go and see your doctor immediately. You could be suffering from hepatitis A, but you can receive treatment and get cured. However, you can remain healthy if you follow some simple rules.

Proper hygiene and clean food is the key towards a healthy life. The best way to keep hepatitis A away from you and your family is by washing your hands before every meal and after using the toilet, computer, smartphone and tablet. Specialists say that there are more bacteria on the computer keyboard than on the toilet seat. Imagine that!

Also, thoroughly wash all the fruit and vegetables before eating them and make sure that your food is properly cooked. Remember that you can get the hepatitis A virus even when you touch an infected person, not to mention blood or other body fluids!

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