Google Earth Reveals A Mysterious Airplane Underwater, Off the Coast of Edinburgh, in Scotland

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Anyone looking closely at the Google Earth service off the coast of Edinburgh, in Scotland, in the UK, will find what appears to be a submerged aircraft in the North Sea. Robert Morton has made this mysterious discovery. He is a 55-year-old British, who on November 5th happened to come across the image of an aircraft that “appears to be underwater,” as The Mirror reports.

On many occasions, Google Earth revealed some very mysterious places, constructions, or even a few, allegedly, UFO crash sites. Also, some people reported that they managed to find puzzling sea monsters in Google Earth, captured on images by Google’s satellites. Now, as we’ve already mentioned above, Robert Morton said he saw an airplane which seems lay underwater, off the coast of Edinburgh.

In reality, as Google representatives revealed, that’s nothing else than an optical illusion, so there are no reasons to worry about the findings of Robert Morton, a British renowned for his discoveries he made using Google Earth.

Google Earth Reveals A Mysterious Airplane Underwater, Off the Coast of Edinburgh, in Scotland

It’s “incredible and very strange,” said Morton, who “had never seen an airplane” in the Google Earth program. However, he considered that this finding would not be more than the result of “another anomaly” of the technology giant since an aircraft has never crashed in that area.

“The reason why the plane appears to be underwater is that every satellite image seen on the map is actually a compilation of several images,” explained a Google spokesman quoted by the Mirror.

Objects that move at high speed, such as airplanes, often appear only in one of the many images used to illustrate a given area in Google Earth, and when this happens, you can see faint fingerprints of those fast objects, he added.

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