Addiction Treatment 101 Launched Helpline For Drug Rehab Center For US Residents

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Addiction Treatment 101 is a helpline for treating drug and alcohol addictions for US residents.

According to the official press release published in the Digital Journal, the center completely understands how challenging is to overcome an addiction.

This led to the offering of a few facilities for addicts which include “inpatient rehab, outpatient rehabilitation, and sober living choices.”

Patients’ advantages 

The addiction specialists who are working at the Center provide various updated tips and lots of useful advice on how to make better choices in life.

According to the official press release, a specialist explained how exactly they treat dependencies:

“Drug Addictions Center recognizes that dependency therapy is not about avoiding drugs. The recovering addicts also have to change their addictive routines and their way of living all at once. That is why Addiction Treatment 101, alongside their Alcohol detox center, focuses on endowing safe and also healthy coping life skills in managing anxiety, public opinions, adverse feelings, desires, psychological withdrawal signs, and symptoms, as well as other triggers of the use.”

Most frequent worries 

The press release continues and explains that people may be worrying, thinking about various facts such as how long the treatment has to be continued and whether patients will be able to recover completely.

\Most people are also concerned about the charge of fees and so on.

It’s important to remember that in Drug Addictions Center, doctors take good care of their patients and they will estimate their recovery times as well from the very beginning.

Personalized treatment schemes 

The experts understand very well that a more extended period of staying in treatment will ensure more lasting sobriety.

So, estimated times are about 30 to 90 days or even beyond, according to each case.

There are different people with different intensities of addictions and they need personalized treatment for recovery.

Addictions specialists from Addiction Treatment 101 are available non-stop, and there are free 5-minute consultation with experienced doctors during which the patients’ relatives or friends can talk to the specialists in order to clarify any doubt.

Read the complete press release here.

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