China Creates An Artificial Sun After Revealing Plans To Launch Fake Moons

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Just one month after China revealed its plans to roll out a series of fake moons that will illuminate streets, the country’s researchers created an artificial sun as well.

The artificial sun will be an alternative source of energy

They will use this as an alternative source of energy in the future. The exciting thing is that this sun’s temperatures can reach up to 100 million degrees Celsius and this is much more compared to the heat of the real sun.

Our sun’s core is about 15 million degrees Celsius. According to the reports coming from this Earth-based solar simulator which was designed by the Institute of Plasma Physics replicates the way in which the real Sun is able to generate energy.

This project is using nuclear fusion in order to create the heat and the report also detailed the costs of turning on this machine: $15,000.

Nuclear fusion occurs when nuclei are joined together in order to release energy. According to expert opinions, if nuclear fusion is developed in a safe manner, it can become a massive source of clean energy.

Artificial moons, to be launched by 2022

Back in October, China announced its plans to develop illumination satellites that would shine together with the real moon but they will be eight times brighter compared to it, as reported by China Daily.

The artificial moons will be satellites carrying a huge space mirror which is able to reflect the sunlight to the Earth.

According to plans, “the verification of launch, orbit injection, unfolding, illumination, adjust, and control of the man-made moon will be completed by 2020”, the Science and Technology Daily reported, quoting Wu Chunfeng, head of Tianfu New District System Science Research Institute in Chengdu in China’s southwest Sichuan province.

Three man-made moons will be launched in 2022, and Wu said that “By then, the three huge mirrors will divide the 360-degree orbital plane, realizing illuminating an area for 24 hours continuously.”

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