Cold & Dark Climates Can Trigger Heavy Drinking, Says Research

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It looks like the places in which we live can affect our drinking habits.

New research from the US found a link between average temperature, sunlight hours and alcohol consumption.

The study involved data from 193 countries which gathered evidence that climate contributes to a higher risk of binge drinking and liver disease.

Now, a Scottish doctor is calling for restrictions on alcohol advertising, especially during the winter months.

Ramon Bataller is the senior author of the study and also an associate director of the Pittsburgh Liver Research Centre. Here’s what he said: “This is the first study that proves that in colder areas and areas with less sun, you have more drinking and more alcoholic cirrhosis.”

Depression is more prevalent in locations with less sunlight

Alcohol is a vasodilator and this means that it relaxes blood vessel while increasing the flow of warm blood to the skin.

Drinking has been linked to depression, and this is more prevalent in locations in which there are fewer hours of sunlight.

The study was published online in the Hepatology journal, and it used information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Meteorological Organisation.

It’s also worth noting that Dr. Peter McCann, medical adviser to Castle Craig Hospital contributed to the report.

He said: “We now have new evidence that the weather, and in particular the temperature and amount of sunlight that we are exposed to, has a strong influence on how much alcohol we consume.”

He highlighted that “weather-related alcohol consumption is directly linked to our chances of developing the most dangerous form of the liver disease – cirrhosis” which can eventually lead to death.

Stricter laws on alcohol’s price are understandable

He also believes that stricter laws on alcohol price are definitely justified if we’re considering the horrible effects of low sunlight and cheaper liquor.

He said that ad-related laws should be addressed with some restrictions during the winter months.

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