Neuroscientists Discover A Hidden Part Of The Brain

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Experts have just discovered a new region in our brain. Neuroscientist George Paxinos and his team at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) called their discovery the endorestiform nucleus.

This is found at the base of our brain just near the location where it meets the spinal cord. This specific area is involved in receiving sensory and motor data from our bodies in order to refine our posture, movements, and balance.

“The inferior cerebellar peduncle is like a river carrying information from the spinal cord and brainstem to the cerebellum,” Paxinos told ScienceAlert.

“The endorestiform nucleus is a group of neurons, and it is like an island in this river.”

Neuroscientist Lyndsey Collins-Praino told the online magazine that Paxinos’ discovery is “intriguing.”

“While one can speculate that the endorestiform nucleus may play a key role in [the functions of the inferior cerebellar peduncle], it is too early to know its true significance,” she added.

This may be a unique feature of the nervous system in humans

Experts confirmed the existence of this brain structure while they were using a new staining technique to make images of the brain tissues clearer for the latest atlas that Paxinos has been working on.

It’s also interesting that Paxinos has been receiving clues that this area existed for decades.

In a procedure called therapeutic anterolateral cordotomy, which is a surgery to achieve relief from incurable and extreme pain by cutting the spinal pathways, he and his team noticed that the long fibers from the spine looked as if they were ending about the location where the endorestiform nucleus was found.

“It has been staring at me from the anterolateral cordotomies and also from the chemical stains I use in my lab,” he told ScienceAlert.

Anyway, overall this may be a unique feature in humans’ nervous system even if it’s too soon to tell yet.

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