Preventing & Managing Diabetes: Sweetened Drinks May Be More Harmful Compared To Sugary Foods

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The latest research has found that drinks which are sweetened could be more harmful to our health even that sugary foods.

The study refers to naturally sugary foods such as whole fruit and more which we’ll detail below. The sweetened drinks, on the other hand, might increase the risk to develop type 2 diabetes, unfortunately.

Canadian study finds interesting results involving naturally occurring sugar 

The study was carried out by Canadian researchers, and it included a team at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

The research analyzed 155 studies with a total of 5,086 participants and investigated the effect of different sources of fructose sugars on the blood glucose levels in participants with and without diabetes.

Fructose is a sugar which can naturally be found in a more extended range of foods including whole fruits, natural fruit juice, honey, and vegetables.

On the other hand, fructose is also added in soft drinks, breakfast cereals, baked goods, desserts, sweets and more.

The study’s findings have been published by the BMJ, and they suggest that sweetened drinks and some fructose-containing foods may have some pretty harmful effects on our blood glucose levels which can lead to increased risk for type 2 diabetes.

The interesting thing is that fruit and more foods which include naturally-occurring glucose don’t seem to have harmful effects on blood glucose levels.

The findings might be helpful in preventing and controlling diabetes 

More than that, researchers found that fruit and fruit juice may even have beneficial effects on blood glucose and also insulin control.

This happens especially in people with diabetes, and it’s possibly due to his fiber content which slows down the release of sugar in the body.

“These findings might help guide recommendations on important food sources of fructose in the prevention and management of diabetes,” said Dr. John Sievenpiper, the study’s lead author. “But the level of evidence is low and more high-quality studies are needed.”

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