Elon Musk Would Like To Fly On Mars and Live On The Red Planet

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Mars is the next big destination for humans. NASA, the Russians, and the private space companies are all struggling to come up with reliable space shuttles to fly humans to the Red Planet. Now, Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, said he is very likely to go to Mars and even live there, eventually.

Asked how likely it was that he would fly to Mars by the correspondent for HBO’s Axios show, where he was a guest, Elon Musk, the head of SpaceX, answered with confidence. “70%. I know exactly what to do. I’m talking about moving there,” said the businessman.

The multimillionaire has specified that his flight could take place in about seven years when the price of a ticket to Mars will be “around a couple of hundred thousand dollars.”

Elon Musk Would Like To Fly On Mars and Live On The Red Planet

Meanwhile, Musk rejected the journalist’s objection that, for him, a trip to Mars could be considered a sort of escape from the problems on the Earth.

“No, because the probability of dying on Mars is much greater than on Earth,” Elon Musk added, explaining that a journey to Mars is a significant threat to human life. Accordingly, he would expose himself to the damaging effects of deep space travel for his dream of living on the Red Planet.

In addition to all that, the founder of SpaceX private space company has added that even if you manage to land alive on the Red Planet, “you will have to build the base. There are many people who climb mountains. People die on Mount Everest all the time. They like to do it for the challenge,” Elon Musk explained.

In other news, SpaceX rebranded its Big Falcon Rocket to Starship, while Elon Musk made some buzz among NASA’s official after he smoked pot during a live podcast.

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