Conspiracy Theorists Discuss a Mysterious Trail that Appeared on Google Earth

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Two conspiracy theorists discovered a strange trail on Google Earth. The trail spans over a large part of Europe and Russia and it can be clearly seen in a video shared by the two brothers on their YouTube. The content made by the two brothers focuses on a variety of bizarre events which are conveniently explained by the duo.

The pair claims that the trail couldn’t have been created by the passing of a meteor or a rocket, adding that it seems to have been created intentionally. In order to further convolute the story and attract viewers they also note that the trail has been manipulated in order to appear thinner than it actually is.

As the discussion continues one of them says that the images may not be actually real but they argue later that the images can’t be just a hoax since Google wouldn’t go to such lengths in order to trick Google Earth users. At the end of the video Brett, one of the brothers, mentions that this is the biggest trail that he has ever seen and it is clear that it goes straight through the clouds.

The video has attracted a limited audience, as approximately 22,000 people watched the video since it was published on November 27. Some of the users shared their own theories in the comments section. Among the most popular comments is one in which the user claims that the trail has been obviously made by a cloaked UFO that wasn’t spotted by the satellites.

Others were quite ironic, with one particularly sarcastic user noting that the trail was probably a glitch in the matrix, an obvious reference to the movie Matrix which was released back in 1999.

A large chunk of the users that commented believe that the image may have been modified by someone who wanted to trick people into believing that it was caused by a cloaked UFO.

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