Scientists Might have Discovered the Proof that Alien Life Existed on Mars

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Recently, a controversial discovery shakes the science world. An ancient fossil discovered on the Red Planet makes some specialists believe that turtle-like creatures once existed on Mars. Finding evidence about the existence of life on this planet seems to be one of the scientists’ main goals.

So far, microbes were the only living things they could find on Mars, but late findings encourage those who believe in aliens’ existence to hold on to the idea that some creatures might have lived here at a certain point. The thought that these inhabitants are still present on the Red Planet is not ruled out either.

A “turtle-like” fossil is considered to be a proof that some living species dwelled on Mars a long time ago

Recent images taken by NASA’s Mars rover seem to prove that it is possible for beings to live in an unfriendly environment like the one from the Red Planet. ”Geeks” are very excited about the idea that the Earth is not the only place where we can find evolved life forms.

The images were analysed by scientists, but so far nobody reached a conclusion. The first person who noticed the unusual fossil was Scott C Waring, the famous conspiracy theorist. He is one of those people who strongly believe that aliens exist and now he has more study material to support his idea.

Waring posted images of the strange finding on his blog dedicated to UFOs – Sightings Daily. He added that the turtle-like fossil looks very similar to an animal, so if his theory is true, we could be looking at the remnants of ancient Martian life forms.

Until scientists can figure out what the strange fossil comes from, the discussion remains open. Every idea is considered, as crazy and unusual as it might seem.

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