Dark Web Is Shying Away From The Dangerous “Zombie Drug” Fentanyl

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There are more and more people who are killed by fentanyl in Canada and the U.S. both these countries have to deal with a real epidemic of drug overdoses that have been killing thousands.

Things are looking so bad that the dark web is getting concerned about the drug. You probably know that on the dark web, you can find all sorts of narcotics including heroin and these can be purchased by anonymous peddlers.

Now, there’s also fentanyl there are a lot of people are giving it a pass due to its deadly nature.

The Guardian just reported that the online pushers are saying that the drug is much too dangerous to trade.

Dark Web dealers are delisting the drug

The National Crime Agency in the U.K. is reporting that dealers on the dark web are “delisting” the drug, classifying it among items that are too high-risk to trade.

One of the reasons is practical: a fentanyl death could serve up a murder charge.

“If they’ve got people selling very high-risk commodities, then it’s going to increase the risk to them,” the agency’s Vince O’Brien told The Guardian.

“There are marketplaces that will not accept listings for weapons and explosives — those are the ones that will not accept listings for fentanyl. Clearly, law enforcement would prioritize the supply of weapons, explosives, and fentanyl over, for example, class C drugs — and that might well be why they do this.”

He also added that there are various drug users on the dark web who are writing on forums that it’s not right to sell fentanyl because it kills a lot of people.

The zombie drug is 100 times more potent than morphine 

The drug has been created back in the ‘50s by a Belgian chemist, and it’s usually used to treat people with cancer and chronic pain. But it’s 30-50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.

People refer to it as the zombie drug.

Some people are not even actively choosing to take the drug. They’re just buying heroin for the euphoric feeling, and they are overdosing because the heroin is cut with fentanyl.

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