SpaceX finally launched its Rocket, Opening the Path to Exciting Experiments on the International Space Station

This year, December 5th wasn’t just an ordinary day from the world’s calendar. The entire civilization will remember this day as the beginning of a unique journey towards new scientific horizons. On the 5th day of December, an amazing rocket, Falcon 9, took off to the International Space Station. The launch is a part of a mission coordinated by SpaceX.

The rocket started its voyage from Cape Canaveral, Florida and carries supplies for the astronauts who are conducting their mission on the International Space Station. This is the second rocket sent into the orbit as part of SpaceX’s program in a matter of days.

The first one was carrying a Dragon cargo capsule which was deployed into the orbit. This is the 20th time when SpaceX tries to land on the ISS in 2018. The first time when a Falcon 9 attempted to land here the mission failed. Next to 5,600 pounds of food, water and other types of supplies, the Falcon 9 is also carrying a lot of experiments which will be conducted by ISS’s crew members.

The Dragon capsule will return to Earth after a month carrying the experiments’ results

The activity from the ISS will be followed by both NASA and SpaceX in real time. This means that both organizations will provide live coverage of the event and they started with the takeoff. The footages taken during the blast off became viral as soon as they were uploaded. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering that a large number of people from the entire world are really interested in finding out if humans can survive on other planets.

Scientists from NASA and experts from SpaceX are hoping to get sufficient data out of rocket’s activity and from the experiments conducted on board of the International Space Station. Any information will be shared as soon as it is confirmed.

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