Scientists Recently Discovered that a Hangover can leave Psychological Marks on a Person

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A lot of people have had a hangover throughout their lives and the feeling made them say that they will never touch alcohol again. Most of them didn’t follow that promise, because there are a lot of remedies to make you feel better after a crazy night out.

Dehydration can be cured by drinking a lot of water, headaches are treated by painkillers, but what do you do with the “hangxiety”? According to psychologists, some ”hangover victims” are much more affected by the emotional marks then the physical ones.

The emotional effects of a hangover are analysed in a study published recently in Personality and Individual Differences journal

As you can imagine, there are no home remedies for the emotional damage caused by a hangover. In some cases, these effects are dramatic and can lead to other problems, like severe depression, anxiety and more.

People who are experiencing the so-called “hangxiety” are the ones who don’t remember what they did last night or those who worry about making themselves look stupid in front of others. It gets even worse if they see pictures or videos which show them in embarrassing positions.

A lot of people go through these stages on the day after a crazy party, but it looks like some ”party animals” are more likely to develop “hangxiety” than others. Beth Marsh, a research assistant at the Clinical Pharmacology Unit from the University College in London stated that, according to her studies, more introvert and shy people are more exposed to this phenomenon.

Marsh’s research was supported by Celia Morgan, Ph.D, psycho-pharmacologist at University of Exeter. So far, the experts didn’t manage to find out what causes “hangxiety” to appear, but their theory is that “post-event processing” should be blamed for people’s emotional state during a hangover. More studies are being conducted in this area and researchers will share the information as soon as they find out more.

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