NASA’s InSight Mars Probe Took Its First Selfie

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The selfies are frequent in the entire world, and they are now famous on the International Space Station and now on Mars. It’s not that the Martians have Instagram, but that the NASA’s InSight probe decided to board the millennial train and has managed to take a picture of itself with the help of its robotic arms.

The image appeared yesterday on NASA’s official website, but also on the Twitter account of the Mars InSight mission that tells the adventures of the Martian probe on the Red Planet.

“First selfie! I’m feeling healthy, energized and whole. That is me on Mars,” posted the team behind NASA’s InSight mission on the official Twitter page of the spacecraft.

NASA’s InSight Mars Probe Took Its First Selfie

NASA’ InSight mission landed on Mars on November 26th, and since then it has been taking data about the Red Planet with the help of its two cameras that allow it to identify where to place each of the measurement and data collection instruments that are located on the lander. Beyond a fad, the NASA’s InSight’s selfie allows the US space agency’ scientists to monitor InSight’s status, which is why the photograph has been received with such joy, because it shows that so far, so good.

The photograph shows the lander, the solar panels and the cover of the probe in conjunction with the scientific instruments that make a part of the mission. Besides the selfie, NASA’s Insight has sent another set of images showing its nearby work area, namely, a crescent of the land of approximately 8 square meters.

All that information gathered in such a short time will allow NASA scientists to determine where the instruments should finally be placed, from the seismometer to the heat flow probe, as they need to be placed on a completely flat surface for proper operation.

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