Scientific Discovery Brings Back Nibiru Theories

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Scientists have been looking for Planet X for quite some time. According to experts, this could be a “Super-Earth” with a mass up to 10 times that of our planet. However, according to NASA, its existence is only “theoretical” at the moment.

There is an old conspiracy that claims that Planet X is in fact Nibiru, a huge object that will collide with our planet and bring the end days. The search for the mysterious Planet X had no results so far. However, scientists made an interesting discovery recently.

The new object was discovered at the edge of the Solar System. The object has been called “The Goblin”. It is believed that Planet X might be beyond this object, and it could be the reason why the Goblin has an irregular sun orbit.


Obviously, this discovery made doomsday believers speculate once again. At this point David Morrison, NASA senior scientists, decided to put an end to their theories: “There’s no credible evidence whatever for the existence of Nibiru,” he says in one of the videos. It doesn’t take an astronomer to see there’s no Nibiru. … Please, get over it. Nibiru isn’t real.”

However, scientific reasoning does not stop theorists. Back in 2016, Pastor Paul Begley posted a video in which he accused NASA of lying: “NASA says one thing and then NASA says something else when it’s convenient, but I’m quoting Scripture. I’m telling you something is going to hit the Earth.”

The theory appeared back in 1995, and it is connected to Nancy Lieder, a woman from Wisconsin who claimed that aliens told her that Nibiru would pass close to our planet. Ever since, more Nibiru theories have appeared, and there are also some videos which seem to back up the theory.

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