Elon Musk And Aliens – “UFO” Spotted Behind SpaceX Spacecraft

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A huge buzz emerged on the Internet as many have reported a mysterious appearance behind a SpaceX craft during a video showing the Dragon capsule flying towards the International Space Station. Is Elon Musk working with aliens? What’s that UFO spotted behind SpaceX spacecraft? These are just a few of the questions conspiracy theorists asked as soon as SecureTeam10 and ThirdPhasOfMoon uploaded videos with the strange “alien craft” flying below Dragon capsule.

According to conspiracy theory enthusiasts, the spaceship behind SpaceX spacecraft was either a UFO or the spy plane called the TR-3B or “Black Triangle.” TR-3B, although not yet confirmed or observed by reliable sources, it became famous among conspiracy theorists.

“Could this be the infamous TR-3B up in space visiting up close? This is stunning footage. This thing’s huge. Notice the portals underneath – it definitely matches the characteristics of a TR-3B. ‘It’s going be hard to suppress this,” said ThirdPhaseOfMoon in his video.

The “UFO” Spotted Behind SpaceX Spacecraft Is Not A UFO

Although the image you can see at the beginning of this article depicts a mysterious formation behind the SpaceX spacecraft heading to the International Space Station, the yellowish thing dubbed as a “UFO” is nothing like that, in reality. According to UFOofinterest.org, the “UFO” is actually the city night lights we can also see here, in an image captured by the ISS back in 2014.

If you like conspiracy theories, however, here’s one. At the coordinates revealed by UFOofinterest.org on Twitter, and also by the ESA on the link above, there’s nothing, no city, that, at least according to Google Earth. And why would someone give a four-year-old photo to prove something that occurred in a recent event?

While, of course, the thing spotted behind the SpaceX spacecraft is not a UFO, and indeed it looks like city night lights.

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