Recent Findings say that Fetal Tissue could be the Essential Ingredient in Therapies for Incurable Diseases

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Some decades ago we couldn’t even dream that someone will find cures for devastating diseases like cancer, Zika, tuberculosis and HIV. Today, medicine and technology evolved so much that researchers were able to find treatment for most previously incurable maladies.

HIV is among the few viruses that still have no cure, but patients who have it might receive extraordinary news during the following years. The magic treatment could be controversial one – stem cells. We keep hearing that this type of fetal tissue can give people a second life.

So far, medicine had amazing results in treating certain types of cancer and other diseases with stem cells. However, further research is necessary and scientists are hoping to get the Government’s financial support to continue their studies.

The authorities disapprove the idea of conducting research on human embryonic stem cells

This Thursday, Dr. Sally Temple tried to convince the Government to fund International Society for Stem Cell’s Research during a congressional hearing. The event’s theme was based on finding viable alternatives to the fetal tissues research.

However, Dr. Temple declared that no other method is comparable to human embryonic stem cells studies. She also asked for the Government’s financial support to continue this research. Meanwhile, the Republican lawmakers expressed their “pro-life” beliefs and refused to listen to her arguments.

Dr. Temple did her best to convince the authorities. She mentioned the fact that stem cells studies could help them find treatments for cancer, Zika, neurodegenerative diseases and even HIV. The scientists added that this tissue has unique properties and cannot be fully replaced.

The idea that we might have a cure for HIV and other destructive diseases in the future determined the Trump administration to keep funding the research on human fetal tissue donated from aborted fetuses.

As useful as the research might be, the Republican representatives from the Government don’t seem to care. They seem willing to listen to the anti-abortion groups’ arguments. We will keep following this subject and inform you as soon as we learn more.

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