First Israeli Lunar Mission To Launch In February

A company from Israel, SpaceIL plans to launch the first Israeli lunar mission in February next year. As reported by the representatives from the SpaceIL and the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, Beresheet, the lunar lander, also known as Genesis, would fly to Florida, in the United States in early-February from where it will launch aboard SpaceX Falcon rocket. Beresheet (Genesis) would also be the first mission to the Moon conducted by a private company.

The Moon is definitely the most attractive target for private space companies and space agencies around the world. NASA plans to build the so-called lunar gateway before sending the first human-crewed mission to the lunar surface since the Apollo program.

Also, the Chinese space agency is already carrying out Chang’e 4 mission to the dark side of the Moon. Also, the Russians plan their own future mission to the Earth’s natural satellite.

First Israeli Lunar Mission To Launch In February

Now, the Israeli scientists, headed by SpaceIL, an Israeli space private company, and the country’s governmental space agency, Israel Aerospace Industries want to send the country’s first mission to the Moon, the lunar lander called Beresheet or Genesis.

SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries had to postpone the mission which, initially, was scheduled for this month. According to Opher Doron, manager at Israel Aerospace Industries, the lunar mission, not bigger than a washing machine, will venture in a challenging and arduous journey because it must perform several orbits around the Earth’s natural satellite before landing on the surface of the Moon.

In short, Beresheet (Genesis), the first Israeli lunar mission, if successful, would be a groundbreaking advancement for Israeli technology and commercial space flights, as well. Also, it would be both the first mission to the Moon that would be conducted by a private space company, SpaceIL.

Vadim Ioan Caraiman

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