Giant Rock Pushed Uranus Over On Its Side

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Uranus is the most mysterious planet in the Solar System as it is the only one that spins on its side. Now, the astronomers believe that they finally found out why Uranus is unique in that regard. Namely, a giant rock pushed Uranus over on its side.

According to some of the most recent computer simulations, an enormous rock, at least two times more massive than the Earth, impacted with Uranus. As reported by astronomy researcher Jacob Kegerreis from the Durham University, during his presentation at a significant Earth and space science conference this month, Uranus, which is unique in the Solar System as it tilts about 90 degrees on its side along with its moons, is as such due to a massive space rock, possibly a rogue planet, that crashed into it.

Also, Uranus’ magnetic field does not go out the poles as ours does, said NASA chief scientist Jim Green, who also added that Uranus is the only planet in the Solar System which is not dissipating heat from its core.

Giant Rock Pushed Uranus Over On Its Side

“The computer simulations show that the collision and reshaping of Uranus – maybe enveloping some or all of the rock that hit it – happened in a matter of hours, Kegerreis said. He produced an animation showing the violent crash and its aftermath,” reported CBC, citing Associated Press.

However, another theory says that the giant rock that hit Uranus is still flying in the Solar System, but it would be now too far for astronomers to spot it, as said Jim Green from NASA. According to the computer simulations, a giant rock pushed Uranus over on its side about 3 to 4 billion years ago, in the early history of our Solar System, approximately between 500 million and 1.5 billion years after the Sun formed.

The scientists concluded that Uranus, as well as Neptune, are the “least understood planets” in the Solar System and, accordingly, they might hide some precious information about the early history of our planetary system.

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