The Space Community Is Enthusiastic About Interstellar Visitor Oumuamua, Even If It’s Not An Alien Ship

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If you remember, Oumuamua is a space rock that flew through Earth’s neighborhood during the summer of 2018. Astronomers nearly did not see it, and only a telescope managed to spot it as it was flying towards the edge of the solar system and then probably beyond.

For a short time in November, some researchers at the Harward University saw the rock speeding up all of a sudden and they wondered what if the rock was actually an alien ship.

Oumuamua is probably not an alien ship

After a lot of thinking, the conclusion today is that it’s probably not an alien ship. But the rock sparked enough enthusiasm to have everyone talking about it, and some voices were even assuming that it’s an alien ship coming here from outer space.

Ottawa Sun reported that they had asked astronomers about the whole thing and this is the answer that they reportedly got:

“We believe that every star in our galaxy has a planetary system,” said Paul Delaney of York University.

“That belief is the result of years of observations, especially by the Kepler Space Telescope launched in 2009. About 15 to 20 percent of these have planets that could support life, meaning there are tens of billions of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way.”

Delaney continued and said, “At best it’s going to take you years to go between the stars, and that’s if you get up close to the speed of light.” We remind you that light travels about 300,000 kilometers every second.

In order to speed up a spaceship, you need tons of energy, and there’s nothing capable of doing that, according to Delaney.

Anyway, even if Oumuamua is not an alien ship, it managed to spark increased interest in the space community because it’s still an interstellar visitor.

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