Magnetic North Pole Is “Recklessly” Moving Towards Siberia With 50 Km Per Year

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The scientists are working to update the magnetic field model to new times, as the magnetic north pole is recklessly moving towards Siberia at a speed of 50 Km per year. That phenomenon is not common, even though the researchers predicted such events. More specifically, the scientists are planning to rethink the north pole model to allow ships, planes and submarines in the Arctic navigate correctly.

“It’s moving at about 50km a year. It didn’t move much between 1900 and 1980, but it’s really accelerated in the past 40 years,” said Ciaran Beggan from the British Geological Survey (BGS) in Edinburgh.

According to Ciaran Beggan, the next update of the World Magnetic Model was due in 2020, but the US Army asked for an unprecedented early review which ended up in the remodeling of the magnetic field model. Thus, an update would be live on January 30th, according to the journal Nature, even though, initially, the upgrade has been set for January 15th, but it was delayed due to the US government shutdown.

Magnetic North Pole Is “Recklessly” Moving Towards Siberia With 50 Km Per Year

“The fact that the pole is going fast makes this region more prone to large errors,” also added Arnaud Chulliat, the Senior Geomagnetist from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and one of the NOAA’s National Centres for Environmental Information scientists.

“It doesn’t really affect mid or low latitudes. It wouldn’t really affect anyone driving a car,” added Dr. Ciaran Beggan. “In most places, however, the compass would be pointing fractionally wrong, within errors allowed in the five-year models,” the scientist added.

In short, the magnetic north pole is “recklessly” moving towards Siberia with 50 Km per year, forcing the scientists to update the magnetic field model. The movement of the magnetic north pole would also confuse navigators on the sea and air, so upgrading the model is mandatory.

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