Super Blood Moon Eclipse Of This Weekend Would Be The Only One Until 2021

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This Sunday, we’ll have another total lunar eclipse and a Blood Moon, at the same time. Now, we have some bad news for all the stargazers out there, as this one will be the last chance to see a Blood Moon until November 2021.

The Moon acquires a reddish tonality because the Earth’s atmosphere filters all the components of white sunlight and red light is the only one that reaches the Earth’s natural satellite. A lunar eclipse, for its parts, occurs when the Earth is placed between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the sunlight from reaching the Moon.

On Sunday, the total lunar eclipse will coincide with what we call a “supermoon.” That happens when, in addition to being a full moon, the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth.

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Of This Weekend Would Be The Only One Until 2021

North America will be the best place for observing the upcoming super blood moon that will happen on Sunday. Also, the eclipse would be visible from Western Europe at all of its stages. To enjoy the total lunar eclipse is not necessary to use a telescope or special glasses as it is the case with solar eclipses. However, the ideal is to go in a dark place, away from the cities and their light to fully enjoy this astronomical event.

The next astronomical events of 2019 include two solar eclipses, a total eclipse on July 2nd that will be visible in the southern Pacific regions, and a partial solar eclipse on December 26th, that would be visible from Asia and Australia.

Besides the upcoming total lunar eclipse, in 2019 we’ll also have a partial lunar eclipse on July 16th, which will be visible in South America, the Pacific, Europe, and Africa, although it will be less spectacular than the on of this Sunday. The next super blood moon eclipse would take place in November 2021.

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