Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Here Are 9 Foods Rich in Vitamin B12

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You can have a vitamin B12 deficiency when you do not eat certain foods. It is very important for our health to eat nutritious food that has all the vitamins and minerals our body needs to function. A deficiency in vitamin B12 can make people feel fatigued, and in case of long-term deficiency, it leads to walking problems and mobility issues.

The people that can face such a deficiency are vegans and vegetarians because many of the best foods that are rich in B12 come from animal products. Anyone who has a dietary requirement can be at risk of a vitamin deficiency.

There is no such thing as too much vitamin B12 because all B vitamins are water soluble and the body will expel it if it’s too much. The dietary recommendation is almost 1.5mcg (micrograms) a day.

Here is how you can keep track of your food and learn if your diet contains B12 foods.

Nine B12-rich foods according to Harvard Health:

Three ounces of clams contains 84mcg, while three ounces of liver contains 70.7mcg. There is also a vegetarian approach – a cup of fortified cereal contains 6mcg – which is enough for the day. Then there’s salmon (three ounces – 4.9mcg), Beef (three ounces – 1.5mcg), Greek yoghurt (six ounces – 1.3mcg), low-fat milk (one cup – 1.3mcg), Ham (three ounces – 0.6mcg), and a large egg which contains 0.6mcg.

If you eat a balanced meal, you will get all the vitamin B12 your body needs.

If you do not usually eat any of these foods, consult a medic to help you choose a vitamin B12 supplement. However, according to experts, it is important not to take too much – 2 mg or less will not cause any harm.

Sometimes a lack of vitamin B12 and its symptoms could be mistaken for other serious health conditions.

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