Aliens Are Here, Say British UFO Enthusiasts, As Alien Shuttle Was Filmed Landing In Doncaster

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Recently, a video titled “UFO Ship with Aliens on Board Crashed into the Sand Pile on my Driveway” appeared on YouTube. It reveals an alleged alien shuttle as it’s landing slowly in a front yard in Doncaster, in Northern England. The video posted by Tiho Gro on YouTube became viral, many of the British UFO enthusiasts who watched it believing that “aliens are here.”

“Aliens exist and now living in my 10-ton sand pile on the driveway,” said Tiho Gro. Gro’s statements and the video have been quickly considered as valid evidence of alien activity on the Earth by conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts.

“The video shows a globe of light (UFO) that lands in the garden of a house in the town of Doncaster, located in South Yorkshire (England),” said prominent alien hunter Scott C. Waring on his blog where he talks about Tiho Gro’s video of an alien shuttle landing in his front yard in Doncaster.

Aliens Are Here, Say British UFO Enthusiasts, As Alien Shuttle Was Filmed Landing In Doncaster

“In the security cam video, you can see how the sphere of light, once landed, seems to stand for a few seconds in the garden. The eyewitness then states that the light then suddenly in a flash of light disappears, but I don’t see this in the video. Perhaps the eyewitness cut it out for some unknown reason,” added Scott C. Waring.

As usual, there are many UFO enthusiasts baffled by strange footage revealing an alleged alien shuttle, but there are also many skeptics who come up with reasonable explanations. That also happened with the Tiho Gro’s video that showed a strange UFO landing in a front yard in Doncaster and which made lots of British UFO enthusiasts believe that aliens are here.

“Probably a Chinese lantern. Candles put off A LOT of light which would look exactly like it does in the video,” commented Larry Maxwell on YouTube.

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