Users in Australia put PureVPN to speed test and their reviews are astonishing

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There was a time when people had to wait minutes, and even hours just to get themselves connected to the internet. A few bits of speed was the most you could get when surfing on the web two decades ago.

Times have changed however. The internet saw immense improvements and the speed factor received revolutionary advancements. A dozen Megabytes of speed is a norm these days. And the biggest organizations, such as NASA, have Gigabytes of speed for their employees. Australians too have the habit of surfing or streaming on the web with excellent speeds.

Problems start happening when you connect yourself to a VPN server. VPNs are known to reduce downloading speeds of any internet user. And VPN companies that boast added security are all the more slower compared to their competitors because of the encryption factor.

There is a logic behind the reduction of download speeds when you connect yourself to a VPN service. When you connect to a VPN service, your online traffic has to pass through tunneling protocols. These tunnels are sometimes too narrow for all your traffic to pass, therefore reducing speeds. Your traffic also has to travel through the VPN servers before connecting to the internet, reducing even more speeds. And when you turn on encryption, all your packets of data have to be encrypted first before they travel through the web, delaying the process a bit more.

Fortunately, there are a few VPN services that have been successful in avoiding any lapses in speed when users connect to their network. For this, the VPN service has to place its servers at all the right locations across the world. And these servers need to be optimized on a periodical basis, so users can avoid any lapses in speed when connected to the VPN service.

A VPN service that is renowned for its amazing VPN speeds is PureVPN. The service has been tested by several agencies and publications, and each pronounced the service amazing for streaming. Recently, users in Australia also tested PureVPN, and they were left astounded by its amazing VPN speeds that make online streaming all the more better and easier.

Turning on encryption does decrease the VPN speeds. But if you turn it off, then you’ll continue to receive almost identical speeds that you usually receive from your ISP. To make this process easier and better, PureVPN has launched a dedicated streaming mode from where you can select the channel that you wish to stream and immediately receive excellent speeds as well as full access to that particular channel from anywhere.

After testing the service from devices to server, Australians are left impressed by the amazing VPN speeds on offer, as well as the amazing privacy and security features that you can use while surfing on the web.

Overall, PureVPN is an amazing VPN service with amazing speeds, and it is highly recommended by all industry experts.

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