NASA’s MRO Spotted A Pyramid On Mars, Baffling The Scientists

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Some theories claim that extraterrestrials built the pyramids of Egypt. Conspiracy theories suggest that a strange monument is the most reliable proof of the fact that life on Mars existed at some point in the Red Planet’s early history. More specifically, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped a pyramid on Mars.

NASA’s MRO Spotted A Pyramid On Mars, Baffling The Scientists

This recent discovery captured by NASA’s rover demonstrates that advanced alien beings have lived on the Red Planet or, at least, visited our neighboring world. Some specialists even claim that because of the resemblance of these types of structures to the pyramids on Earth, extraterrestrials not only inhabited the Red Planet but also visited us.

According to some theories, the pyramids of Egypt were built by Martians, because ancient civilizations were very limited technologically, compared to today.

“The pyramid on Mars has a smooth side, which is probably the original outer covering, but the other two sides have been severely eroded. Pyramids have been found all over the world on many continents, and most of them were created almost at the same time. The mystery of the pyramids has led to speculation that they were created by extraterrestrials trying to settle in an area and follow their cultural beliefs,” said the alien hunter Scott Waring on his blog.

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Other structures resembling Egyptian monuments have also been found on the Red Planet, besides the pyramid on Mars. For example, Joe White, also an alien specialist, claimed to have seen the remains of a statue on Mars, similar to the Sphynx of Egypt.

“It was photographed for several years by NASA’s Curiosity Rover. This statue of the Martian Sphynx is more than 61 meters long. Could it be the same size as the Egyptian Sphinx at Giza? Maybe so,” said Jow White.

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