Mysterious Mud and Plants Are Covering The World’s Newest Island

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About four years ago an island popped up in the Pacific Ocean, and it’s not going to vanish as suddenly as it has appeared, NASA researcher said. Moreover, mysterious mud and plants are now covering the world’s newest island. But NASA’s Dan Slayback explained everything we need to know about the piece of earth that emerged from the waters during the “a volcanic eruption near the nation of Tonga, in between two older islands known as Hunga Tonga and Hunga Ha’apai,” as NY Post reported.

“We were all like giddy school children. Most of it is this black gravel, I won’t call it sand – pea-sized gravel -, and we’re mostly wearing sandals, so it’s pretty painful because it gets under your foot. Immediately I kind of noticed it wasn’t quite as flat as it seems from the satellite. It’s pretty flat, but there’s still some gradients, and the gravels have formed some cool patterns from the wave action,” said Dan Slayback from NASA.

Mysterious Mud and Plants Are Covering The World’s Newest Island

“And then there’s clay washing out of the cone. In the satellite images, you see this light-colored material. It’s mud, this light-colored clay mud. It’s very sticky. So even though we’d seen it, we didn’t really know what it was, and I’m still a little baffled of where it’s coming from. Because it’s not ash,” Dan Slayback added. The scientist also said that strange vegetation lives on the world’s newest island that popped up in the Pacific Ocean in January 2015.

During last October, the scientists, headed by Dan Slayback, went to the world’s newest island to see how much would it “live.” The team of scientists gathered samples of soil and vegetation. They revealed that the mysterious island is here to stay, and it would not disappear any time soon. Also, the island is of great significance for NASA because it is similar to ancient Mars which has also experienced powerful volcanic activity.

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