Apple Filed a Patent for Unlocking a Vehicle With Biometric Authentication

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Here’s a new way to protect your car from being stolen – Biometric Authentication. Yes, Apple is not stopping to Face ID and Touch ID for iPhones, but they’re also thinking about adding a security feature to a vehicle and use the mobile device as a conduit.

Apple’s Biometric Authentication for Your Car

Apple has recently applied for a patent for a “System and method for vehicle authorization.”

This patent application was filed two years ago, and it notes that “a vehicle with a key or a key fob provides rudimentary security and would benefit from many improvements.”

Looking at the file on biometric authentication below, you’ll think that it’s too complex for the user. However, all you have to do to unlock the vehicle is to approach it. It will then send a signal to your mobile device which will communicate back to the vehicle as you approach. Then, you can insert biometric authentication on the mobile device to unlock the car.

The app will come with more features – it will use biometric information to know which user from those registered is approaching the vehicle and the car then will perform different actions that have been set previously – it will know seat position, favorite radios and so on. We’ve seen these options tied to key fobs, but not the security Apple wants to introduce.

Apple’s app will also mention geofenced areas like gas stations and more options.

Adding the new authentication to a vehicle doesn’t sound far from Apple’s software considering they’re already using it to open a phone or confirm payment with either Touch ID or Face ID.

But we have no idea if Apple will actually carry on with this feature or if they do, it will be a long time until we see it released for the public.

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