Can Sharks Cure Cancer? Great White Shark Secrets Are Finally Unlocked

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The whole genome of great white sharks has been decoded, and the secrets that are unlocked may hold some vital answers for humanity.

The findings have been reported in a new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

DNA mapping could hold precious data

The study explains that DNA mapping could be holding the clues to understanding the genetic alterations that are likely responsible for “the evolutionary success of large-bodied and long-lived sharks.”

“Not only were there a surprisingly high number of genome stability genes that contained these adaptive changes, but there was also an enrichment of several of these genes, highlighting the importance of this genetic fine-tuning in the white shark,” said Dr. Mahmood Shivji.

The research showed that great whites which have been around for 16 million years could repair their DNA and this is something that us humans cannot do.

Sharks as a species have been on Earth for more than 400 million years says Smithsonian.

The shark’s genome contains 41 pairs of chromosomes, and the human one only contains 23. The shark’s genome also includes some “specific DNA sequence changes.”

In other words, all these allow sharks to maintain their genome stability which is important to know that preserves the integrity of the genome, according to the latest findings coming from expert researchers.

Instability in genomes can cause cancer 

Fox News writes that “instability in genomes, which is caused by damage done to the DNA, is known to cause cancer and other age-related diseases.”

It seems that according to a 2014 study, great white sharks can live an average lifespan of 70 years, even though this will vary between male and females.

“The world’s largest known great white, a 20-foot behemoth known as “Deep Blue,” is thought to be more than 50 years old,” according to the latest reports coming from Fox News.

The main conclusion of the article is that more research is needed to determine whether sharks hold the key to helping humans solve some disease and age-related issues.

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