A Heart Attack That Changed Her Life

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Heart attacks aren’t something you would associate with college students, and young people aren’t usually victims when it comes to this. However, Molly Schroeder was an exception. Despite being an athlete, Molly had a heart attack back in 2013.

She simply went for a run and the symptoms started right away. Things became even worse when she got home, “I took in a big breath of air and I had an annoying pain in my chest that I could feel when I exhaled, and it worsened. I could feel the blood in my face draining, too. I thought I was having an anxiety attack.”

Molly went to the hospital, and that’s where she found out that she was suffering from a heart attack. “They did an EKG and the nurse said, ‘This is crazy. It shows you’re having a heart attack, but the chances of that are 1 in 100,000.”

What was the cause

It appears that Molly’s heart had problems from the start. “When I was 12, my mom found out she had cardiomyopathy. When that happened, my brother and I went through testing to see if we would have any issues and they discovered a hole in my heart. They told me to go back in a few years to check it and at that time they determined it had closed,” said Schroeder.

The doctors tested Molly for 16 hours and in the end they discovered that she had a blood clot. Worse than that, the clot managed to create a 90% blockage in one of the main coronary arteries. Luckily for Schroeder, she managed to get to the hospital just in time. She received the medication she needed in order to treat the clot.

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