Alien Life Breakthrough: NASA Generated A New Type Of DNA

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A team of NASA researchers has managed to create a new type of DNA, which may change how the scientific community perceives alien life and its potential existence.

The new experiment suggests that DNA-based life may employ a different form of DNA which hasn’t been taken into account in the past. The synthetic DNA has revealed some exciting differences at a molecular level. The researchers were also able to create a new molecular system which will be used to recalibrate devices which are currently searching for alien life.

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is a complex molecule formed by two chains which coil around each other and form the iconic double helix. It contains the fundamental genetic information which regulates how a living being grows and matures as time passes. The information is transferred from one generation of individuals to another, and in some cases, it may include beneficial or adverse mutations.

NASA Generated A New Type Of DNA, Representing A Breakthrough For Alien Life Search Programs

Four ingredients collectively known as nucleoids, which are shared by all the life which is found on our planet, come together to form DNA. While we had a pretty good idea about how DNA looks like our views are limited to the life forms present on Earth. Some researchers believe that the DNA of alien life could be radically different. NASA’s recent project suggests that they may be right. To be able to track them down, we have to look for specific signs.

A high-ranking NASA employee has declared that the detection of alien life is shaping up to be an essential goal for NASA planetary science mission. The new type of DNA generated by NASA will help the project tremendously, allowing researchers to develop new tools that can be used to expand the scope of current and future research.

As previously mentioned, DNA would usually contain four ingredients – adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine. The new type of DNA created by NASA researchers includes eight elements, with four of them being synthetic. The study represents a significant breakthrough in the search for alien life.

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