Planet 9 Will Be Reportedly Discovered Within The Next 10 To 15 Years  

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The ninth planet that’s orbiting beyond Pluto in the depths of the solar system will be discovered in the next 10 to 15 years, according to the latest scientific claims.

The Daily Mail brings more info from the two latest studies that have been released just recently and which we have also mentioned.

New arguments supporting the existence of Planet Nine

We reported that latest news comes from Caltech’s Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin right after three years have passed since the announcement which claimed that there’s a ninth planet in the solar system.

These two are publishing two papers which analyze the evidence for Planet Nine’s existence.

Science Daily reports that these papers provide brand new details on the suspected nature and location of the planet.

Now, the Daily Mail reports that Fred Adams one co-author of the first study said the following:

“With its proposed properties, Planet Nine is right on the edge of being observable. But this is a very dim object in a very big sky. Since we don’t know exactly where it is, you have to survey the whole sky, or at least large portions of it, in order to find the planet.”

He continued and explained that “Throughout the next ten years we will have deeper and deeper—which means more sensitive—sky surveys.”

In 10-15 years, Planet Nine could be discovered 

He also said that by 2030 we’d definitely have seen or at least have a better idea of where this ninth planet is.

According to his opinion, it’s also possible that by then, we could gain alternative explanations for all the orbital anomalies that experts have been discovering.

This alien world dubbed Planet Nine is believed to be roughly four times the size of Earth and also ten times its mass.

More and more astronomers seem confident that the planet will be discovered in the future years, rather sooner than later.

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