Polar Bears Spotted In Residential Coastal Labrador, State Of High Alert Initiated

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A state of high alert has been initiated in Coastal Labrador after polar bears were seen in residential areas. The Land Resources Department has released an official warning. Polar bears were seen in St Lewis and Charlottetown, and Newfoundland.

According to local sources, a man observed a polar bear which attempted to enter a tool shed. The event took place in St. Lewis. It is believed that the same bear was also seen in Charlottetown. The official warning advises citizens who live in the proximity of coats areas to pay attention to their surroundings.

Polar bears are often spotted during this time of the year. Citizens are encouraged to take additional steps to protect their family and pets. St Lewis was recently affected by a road closure to hazardous weather, but wildlife officials have already surveyed the area.

Polar bears spotted in Coastal Labrador forced the authorities to initiate high alert state

The man who spotted the bear in St. Lewis has declared that several unusual prints attracted his attention at first. He followed the footprints and saw the polar bear close to the house. As the bear headed away from the man’s home, he followed the animal to a nearby cove, but the animal has managed to disappear.

St. Lewis residents are already used with the fact that polar bears are attracted by the city, with several visits being recorded in recent years. A resident noted that he crossed paths with a bear as he was going towards his home. According to his estimations, the specimen was quite massive, weighing at least 1,000 pounds. The man spotted the bear so late that he would have been able to touch the animal with his bare hands. The bear roamed the yard for a while, but the man decided to fire a warning shot, and the animal left the place quickly.

Most of the bears are attracted by garbage, as they are on the hunt for potential food sources. Small animals pets should be kept inside until the period ends.

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