Elon Musk Should Go Live On Top Of Everest For A Year If He Wants To Populate Mars, Says Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos is the billionaire founder of Amazon, and he seems to have expanded his vision of settling space.

But, while he did this he also made sure to mock someone who is probably his biggest rival, the SpaceX founder, Elon Musk…or at least his massive goal of settling people on Mars.

Jeff Bezos vs. Elon Musk 

“We have sent robotic probes now to every planet in this solar system, and this is the best one,” Bezos said of Earth.

He continued: “My friends who want to move to Mars? I say do me a favor: Go live on the top of Mount Everest for a year first and see if you like it, because it’s a garden paradise compared to Mars.”

He stated these things back in February during a private lecture that has been moderated by Jeff Foust – a senior writer at Space News.

During the conversation, Business Insider reports that Bezos has mainly seemed focused on the ambitions of his rocket company, called Blue Origin.

He was also concentrated on his goal of making space a place where people can live and work as well.

1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins 

“The solar system can support a trillion humans,” Bezos said. “Then we’d have 1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins. Think how incredible and dynamic that civilization will be.”

But when Bezos was asked about the steps he believes are required in order to populate space with billions of people he shaded his competition with his answer.

It’s true that Bezos didn’t name Musk when he talked about settling on Mars, but the two billionaires do have a popular rivalry going on between them.

Sometimes Musk replies to questions about Bezos or the Blue Origin with “Jeff Who?”

We recommend that you head over to Business Insider’s original article to find out more about these two rivals.

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